May 21, 2024

Protection of Guards on the roof garden

Guards are facing a very tough situation, stationed on the roof in the blazing sun and record-breaking heat / humidity this Summer:

Here are some things the Local has done to protect our members:

  • Requested and received an added team to cut the time each member spends in the sun by 50%.
  • Requested hot weather clothing. Management responded with a dark-colored polyester shirt. We are pushing for more appropriate light-colored cotton garment.
  • Requested that a sun shield be made available. This has been installed.
  • Requested that water be made readily available. This has been provided, and we are requesting more convenient bottled water.
  • Requested roof closure when it’s too hot.
  • Requested and received the assurance that guards may take cooling breaks whenever they feel unwell. The procedure is outlined below. 

Our ongoing demands to further protect the health of members:

  • Closure of the roof when the heat index reaches 90 degrees.
  • Guards with fire certifications are constantly sent to the roof. We are requesting expansion of the pool of eligible guards, utilizing volunteers (yes, there are people who enjoy this) whenever possible.

Cooling break procedure:

  • If you are feeling unwell, call your supervisor or a manager at x2000.
  • Inform them that you feel unwell and are requesting a cooling break.
  • Do not leave post until you are relieved.
  • If you are not relieved within a few minutes, step inside (a cool space) to call again.

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