June 14, 2024



A Brief Description of the Contracts

Unit or “Museum” Contract


Unit contracts cover specific economic matters and working conditions for designated groups of workers called “bargaining units”. Each unit contract defines items unique to the titles in the unit.

Who is covered under Unit Contracts?

Each unit contract covers specific occupational groups. DC 37 has 68 unit contracts with city agencies, non-mayoral agencies, libraries and cultural institutions. Units may cover as few as 50 workers or, as in the case of the Clerical and Administrative Employees Unit, tens of thousands of workers.

What is in each Unit Contract?

  • Wages and salaries of the titles in the unit
  • Unique working conditions for titles in the unit
  • Grievance procedures


and LOCAL UNION 1503 OF DISTRICT COUNCIL 37 for the period July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2024. 

Download 2020-24 Contract




City Contract

The Citywide Contract, which is still in effect in 2018, addresses general working conditions and other non-wage matters. Issues such as time and leave, eligibility for health insurance coverage, personnel and pay practices and overtime are negotiated under the Citywide Contract. The Citywide Contract is called non-economic because it doesn’t establish wages, but it does have an impact on members’ pocketbooks. For instance, it sets holidays, annual leave, overtime rules, meal and car allowances, and shift differentials.

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