July 24, 2024

We are Cultural Workers United 

We work at the Museums, Libraries and Zoos.

We are joining together to negotiate for better pay and working conditions, demand equity, and fight for workplace transparency.

Strong cultural institutions equal strong communities.  Our mission is to share art and culture with the public- we deserve respect and dignity at work.


Cultural Workers United- AFSCME fights for fair wages and benefits, job security, and safe workplace free from discrimination. Learn more from AFSCME library, museum, and zoo workers about the difference our union has made in our lives, workplaces, and communities.  We aim to organize the Metropolitan Museum of Art wall-to-wall.


AFSCME represents more cultural workers than any other union, in both the public and private sector.  We represent employees at the Met, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art LA.(MOCA), Museum of Tolerance, the American Museum of Natural History, Milwaukee Public Museum, the Detroit Historical Society, and others across the country.

How will unionizing help?

Unionizing with DC37 is the most beneficial way to make real change for all employees. Union workers negotiate better wages, benefits, and working conditions through collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is the most robust way we workers can have a voice on the job.  In addition, unionizing legally mandates employers to negotiate with employees about working conditions.

What is Wall-to -Wall Union?

Wall- to- wall means all Met employees will be unionized under one union.  Organizing wall-to-wall will create leverage to negotiate the strongest possible contract.

DC37 currently represents approximately 700 guards, Technicians, and Buildings employees at this museum.  Unifying with DC37’s current members creates the power to negotiate more robust contracts. With a belief in solidarity, we aim to unionize all eligible titles and departments.

Can I get in trouble for unionizing ?

NO. Union organizing is an activity protected by federal law.  It is illegal for an employer to fire, discipline, threaten , coerce or intimidate anyone for union activity.

We are free to attend organizing meetings, talk to each other about organizing, wear buttons/T-shirts or otherwise show public support for DC37.

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