May 21, 2024

Report on Ratification Vote for the Memorandum of Understanding dated July 14, 2020


Report on the July 19-22, 2020 ratification vote regarding the Memorandum of Understanding between DC-37 Local 1503 and the Met Museum tentatively agreed to on July 14, 2020.

Thanks to each of the members who took the time to vote. This has been a very difficult negotiation at a time of great stress, but union democracy has been at the core of the process. Your elected representatives negotiated this agreement—and it is subject to your approval.

Due to the crisis, voting was conducted online. Notice of the vote was posted on the Local’s website ( and Facebook account. Each member was sent an emailed link to their work account, and when possible, to the personal email address we had on file.

The link provided a summary description of the agreement, the full text and a description of the Voluntary Retirement Program (or VRP). It linked a Mailchimp survey enabling members to approve or disapprove.

262 votes were cast. The result was 244 in favor, 18 against.

The tentative agreement is ratified.

In solidarity,

Manus Gallagher
Local 1503 Election Committee Chair

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