May 21, 2024

Local 1503 President Joins DC 37 Executive Board


Union Secretary, New Executive Board Members Elected

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FROM LEFT: Newly-elected DC 37 Secretary John Hyslop, who is also Local 1321 president is sworn in along with new Executive Board members Metropolitan Museum of Art Local 1503 President Rawle Campbell and Franklyn “Bubba” Page, president of Lifeguards Local 461. Photo: Clarence Elie-Rivera

On Nov. 26 DC 37 delegates elected John Hyslop, the president of Queens Library Guild Local 1321, as the new secretary of the union.

At their monthly meeting, the delegates also voted to fill two vacancies on the DC 37 Executive Board.

The delegates chose Franklyn “Bubba” Page, the longtime president of Lifeguards Local 461, and Rawle Campbell, president of Metropolitan Museum of Art Local 1503, to serve in those posts, which are reserved for representatives from local unions whose members constitute less than 5 percent of the of the union’s total membership.

Hyslop replaces Deborah Pitts, president of Finance Administrative Employees and City Investigators Local 1113, who stepped down earlier this year.

Until his election on Tuesday, Hyslop was serving as the union’s secretary on an interim basis.

At the delegates meeting, Hyslop – whose professional background includes working as an archivist at Queens Public Library – was nominated by SSEU Local 371 President Anthony Wells. Hyslop was praised by Local 372 President Shaun Francois I, who is also president of DC 37, and Local 1321 delegate Kacper Jarecki.

Hyslop handily defeated Mitchell Feder, the 1st vice president of Civil Service Technical Guild Local 375. The candidates defeated in the races for the open seats for non-5 percent locals were Kyle Simmons, president of Labors Local 924, Dishunta Meredith, the president of College Assistants Local 2054, and Local 375 2nd Vice President Michael Kenny.

Lifeguard Supervisors Local 508 President Peter Stein nominated Paige to fill one of the two vacant executive board seats for non-5 percent locals. Stein, an executive board member, works closely with Paige on the issues affecting lifeguard workers and the political action of the union.

Sewage Treatment and Senior Sewage Treatment Workers Local 1320 Delegate and former President James Tucciarelli nominated Campbell.

The DC 37 Election Committee, chaired by Local 384 Treasurer Deborah Lane, oversaw the voting process on Tuesday. Lane counted on the assistance of her fellow committee members, Louise M. Stamp, vice president for clerical workers of New York Public Library Guild Local 1930, Housing Authority Clerical Local 957 member Donna Harrison and Local 154 Secretary Sheera Glass.

The independent American Arbitration Association monitored the election and tallied the vote.

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