June 14, 2024

202Shop Steward Election Nominations

status 2/15/23

Security Days (5)

1) Jerome Stevens (ELECTED)
2) Christian Hudon (DECLINED)
3) Tenrai Forsyth (ELECTED)
4) Athir Shayota (DECLINED)
5) John Camperlengo (ELECTED)
6) Maureen Catbagan (ELECTED)
7) Cecilia Sassi (DECLINED)
8) Dylan O’Brien (ELECTED)

Security Early Watch (1)

1) Ferdinand Burghoffer
2) Dima Stepa
3) Josh Diaz
4) James Castiglione

Security Late Watch (1)

1) Katrina Basilio
2) Andrew Joor
3) Rakheem McCallister

Buildings Days (2)

1) Ricky Serrano
2) Mike Valencia
3) Sean Corrica
4) Christopher Johnson
5) Saul Cohen

Buildings Early Shift (1)

1) Mike Sump (ELECTED)
2) Dianne Fitzgerald(DECLINED)

Buildings Late Shift (1)

1) Danielle Holcomb (ELECTED)

Technicians (1)

1) Manus Gallagher
2) Damien Marzocchi
3) Richard Carino (DECLINED)
4)Arthur Polendo (DECLINED)

Cloisters (1)

1) Kevin Folgar
2) Tom Donovan (DECLINED)
3) Eurydice Roman (DECLINED)
4) Matt Stueck

Elections will take place on Tuesday, February 21st and Thursday, February 23rd, from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM and Friday, February 24th from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM. The location will be outside the locker room at the Main Building and in the break room at the Cloisters. The vote count will be performed on Friday, February 24th and results posted on the Local bulletin boards and Facebook group.

Campaign posters should be dropped off at the union office or given to a union official for posting by the election committee on the bulletin board.

All candidates have the right to one mailing to the membership made through the union office before the election. This mailing is not to be made at the union’s expense. Any candidate who wishes to send out a mailing should contact the Election Committee for the specific procedures. No candidate is entitled to a mailing list of their own.

All candidates whose name is to appear on the ballot shall have the right to present an official observer of the candidate’s own choosing, who must be a member of the Federation, in all places where ballots bearing the candidate’s name are to be cast or counted. Each candidate may designate their own observer. The same observer may be designated by more than one candidate for different nominated positions. No candidate may act as their own observer or as an observer for any other candidate. 


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