June 25, 2022

Executive Board Minutes–May 4th, 2020

May 4th, 2020 Executive Board Meeting

At 1:10 p.m meeting called to order via the Zoom video conference platform

Roll Call: In attendance were Campbell, Berenbaum, Shayota, Papa, O’Brien, Shaver, Lopez, Boynton, Kennedy, List, Leung and Foster.

Minutes read from April 23rd meeting.  Motion to accept minutes without corrections was made, seconded and carried unanimously.

Motion to waive reading of the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded and carried unanimously.

President’s Report:

City institutions not currently facing layoffs but without federal funding that could change.

Memo of Understanding with museum with a term until July 4th, 2020 completed.  Non-essential members will stay at home with pay and benefits.  Members deemed Essential Staff will continue to be paid premium for days worked.  The MOA  requires review and ratification by Local 1503 members.

Looking into mechanics of using a video conference platform for a virtual general membership meeting

End of President’s report.

The floor was opened to questions and discussion.

Mechanics of conducting the MOA ratification vote – coordinating with Manus Gallagher, chairman of the elections committee

How the MOA affects the CBA – it does not.

New Business:

Issue regarding management’s denying holiday and annual leave cancellation requests

Time Line:

March 12th:

  • Museum closed March 12
  • Management Memo stating all scheduled leave will be applied

April 3rd

  • After discussions with union, Management agreed to allow cancellations of members leave time.
  • All grievances and arbitrations still active but are on pause.

End of New Business.

General Discussions:

  • 1503 participation at virtual International Convention
  • Success of virtual May Day event organized my Maraya Lopez and Andrew Smith
  • Scheduling next E. Board meeting for May 27th.

Adjournment: At 2:16 pm motion made to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Submitted in good faith by,

Patrick Kennedy,
Recording Secretary Local 1503

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