June 25, 2022

Executive Board Minutes–May 27th, 2020

May 27th, 2020 Executive Board Meeting

At 1:04 meeting was called to order (via Zoom) and the roll was called.

In attendance: Campbell, Berenbaum, Shayota, Papa, O’Brien, Shaver, Lopez, Boynton, Kennedy, List, Leung and Foster

Minutes: May 4, 2020 minutes were read.  Motion to accept without corrections was made, seconded and carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion made to waive reading of Treasurer’s report due to building lockdown making the union office inaccessible to the Treasurer.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

President’s Report:

  • Success of the electronic ballot used by the membership to ratify the MOU good through July 2, 2020.  Provisions needed to ensure accuracy of any future electronic balloting.
  • Organizing membership emails into small groups in order to hold small “by-shop” Zoom meetings to update the membership in lieu of a General Membership meeting.
  • Next meeting dates with management will be June 12th and 15th to discuss reopening preparations – specifically workplace safety.
  • Concerns raised in May DC-37 virtual Delegates Meeting that if Federal funding is not forthcoming, New York City employees will be facing serious difficulties.
  • Effort to nail down MET Management plans to protect essential and non-essential staff.
  • Putting HR and Legal on notice regarding need to properly equip members with PPE and that the Union should be included in the planning for the reopening.
  • CBA extended until July 31.  Offered Management one year extension but management wants to use month by month agreements due to dynamic environment created by the pandemic.
  • The International Convention will be a virtual event held on August 13th and 14th.
  • VOTE: Motion was made to vote to send automatic delegate (Pres. Campbell) and if needed will proxy our vote to John Hyslop (Local 1321) Papa seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.
  • The issue of dispatchers not allowing the cancellation of holidays or annual leave has been resolved with Management and if this issue continues, the name of the specific dispatcher should be given to the President.
  • If members are late – no premium pay for that shift unless the member can provide a documented/legitimate reason for being late.

End of President’s Report

Floor open to discussion and questions:

Sunday hour, E-board attendees of the upcoming June meetings with Management, working condition safety at other culturals

New Business:

  • May 28th virtual meeting with Bldg. Shops, upcoming meetings with Cloisters, Breuer and breaking up main building security staff into small groups for Zoom meetings.
  • Tina Fox in HR is tracking staff well-ness: status of any staff contracting and recovering from Covid 19.
  • If self-quarantined after contracting the virus, sick days are not charged.
  • Management has passed on its gratitude to the members for the level of cooperation and participation in getting through the current crisis.

End of New Business

Floor open to discussion and questions:

  • Practical safety measures needed for custodial, technicians, and the shops regarding working conditions.
  • Safety measures needed for security staff at main building and the Cloisters for dealing with visitors upon re-opening.
  • “Best Practices” coordination with the locals at the other culturals.
  • Vote on motion provided by DC-37 to allow Local 1503 E-board to hold virtual meetings

The motion was read as follows:

“(sic)” indicates any errors/omissions in the original text of the motion as provided by DC-37.


WHEREAS, the State of New York and the City of New York Governor (sic)  have been severely impacted (sic) the COVID-19 Pandemic CRISIS;

WHEREAS, in the face of the crisis, the Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo, declared a state of emergency and has promulgated Executive Orders that have strictly prohibit (sic) gatherings of any sort and requires business concerns, except those that are essential services or provide essential services must adopt and implement procedures that allow percent of their workforce to work remotely from their homes;

WHEREAS, the International Union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has established procedures for subordinate bodies to conduct virtual meetings pursuant to Article IX, Section 51 and Appendix E of the International Constitution;

WHEREAS, Local 1503 has sent notice to the members of the Executive Board regarding the instant virtual meeting.  The notice contained the means by which attendees will participate in the meeting by asking questions, making comments, giving reports, voting and otherwise participate in the democratic process on all matters affecting the union;

NOW BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Local 1503 Executive Board hereby adopts this instant policy allowing for the convening of board meetings by virtual means, i.e., audio and/or video- conferencing;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; The Secretary will take the minutes of such virtual meeting in the same manner as minutes of in-person meetings are done.  All members of the Executive Board participating in the meeting shall be counted towards the quorum of the meeting;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that prior to taking a vote on any motion, the presiding officer shall inquire as to the continued presence of any participating member of the Executive Board during the virtual meeting; If a board member is no longer on the call, including because of equipment malfunction or technological malfunction, voluntary discontinuance or electronic connections, the board member will not (sic) counted as being present in the meeting for that motion.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Each 1503 Executive Board member participating in the virtual meeting has the right to raise points of order, seek recognition to speak and submit motions for consideration;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: If the Executive Board enters into Executive Session, the presiding officer shall require each member participating in the virtual meeting to attest (sic)give assurance that no one else is present or can hear the conversation;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: This policy shall not take precedence over or replace the gathering of regularly scheduled meetings of the Local 1503 Executive Board once the emergency period is lifted.

This policy may be amended as the Executive Board deems necessary.

RESOLVED: this 27th day of May 2020.

Motion for a vote was made by Mark List.  Papa seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.


At 2:30 a motion for adjournment was made, seconded and carried unanimously.

Submitted in good faith by,
Patrick Kennedy
Recording Secretary,
DC-37, Local 1503.

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